The Bonsai

The Olea Europea Silvestris, commonly known in Mallorca as “Ullastre”, grows predominantly in Mallorca and it is a wild variety of the olive tree that we offer almost exclusively.

Its main characteristics are its tiny leaves, a great range of barks including beautiful rough barks and incredible dead wood modelled by the wind and the harsh weather conditions that wild olive trees must withstand.

In our online shop you will find wild olive bonsai and pre-bonsai trees of all sizes and qualities. All trees are well rooted, healthy and well established in the pot.

If your browse our site you will find pre-bonsai suited to all tastes from raw material to lightly styled trees that can be further developed. The raw material trees can be worked on from the beginning and are ideal for bonsai schools, workshops and demonstrations.

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive further information on our bonsai trees.